According to the purification needs, air purifiers can be divided into:
(1) Purified type. If you are located in an area with moderate indoor humidity, or the air quality requirements are not too high, the purchase of a pure air purifier will meet the demand.
(2) Humidification and purification type. If you are located in a drier area, often turn on the air conditioner to be dehumidified by the air conditioner and cause the indoor air to be dry, or require high air quality, then buying an air purifier with humidification and purification function will be the most suitable choice . LG future celebrity air purifier also has natural humidification technology, using technological means to achieve water vaporization, through the rotation of a windmill or disc filter, the harmful substances are left in the tray and eliminated, and only ultra-fine and clean water molecules are discharged. Into the air.
(3) Intelligent type. If you like automated operation, intelligent monitoring of air quality, or reflect noble taste, or need to be more decent for gifting, then buying an intelligent air purifier is the best choice.
(4) Vehicle-mounted type. If it is used for air purification in cars, it needs to specifically purify car odors, car formaldehyde and other car pollution, and can be specially placed in the car air purifier, so the best choice is the car-mounted air purifier.
(5) Desktop type. It is an air purifier that is placed on the desktop to purify the air in a certain range around the desktop and protect the health of people near the desktop. If you often sit in front of a computer, desk, or desk, but the indoor area is not small, or it is a public place, it is not cost-effective and unfashionable to buy a large air purifier for yourself, then the desktop A type of air purifier is a better choice.
(6) Large and medium-sized. It is mainly suitable for large indoor occasions, such as home halls, high-level bank offices, high-level administrative offices, important lecture halls and conference halls, high-end hotels, hospitals, beauty salons, kindergartens and other occasions.
(7) Central air-conditioning system type. It is mainly applicable to the situation where a single room or multiple rooms with a central air conditioner or a ceiling are cleaned together.