The pet water fountain must consider factors:




Noise: Noise is rarely written into the details page by the merchants, and almost no one of the chief shit shoveling officers would think of it, but once you buy it and use it at home, it will become a factor you can't ignore. Especially for the water dispenser in the office/bedroom, the work is okay, the buzzing of the water pump and the sound of running water in the ears in the dead of night will make people sleep well or lose sleep altogether.


Filter element and filtering effect: filtering has a great influence on water quality: filtering impurities and softening water quality. The larger the area of ​​the filter element under the same material, the higher the filtration efficiency. In addition, the tightness between the filter element and the filter disc is also very important. If the gap is large, the water will flow away directly from the gap and the impurities cannot be filtered. Personally, I am more optimistic that the mainstream filter element is a disc type, and the technology and supply chain are relatively mature.


Cleaning difficulty: The pet water dispenser must be changed and cleaned! Filtration only filters impurities and delays water corruption, it cannot solve water corruption! I'm lazy, I usually change the water once a week (occasionally 2 weeks). Generally, cleaning will be done once every 2 weeks (occasionally 1 month). If the integration of the machine is lower, the components are scattered, and the dead angle of the structure is lower, and the difficulty of cleaning will increase, and the cleaning will be very cumbersome. So try to choose the one that is simple to clean.


Filter element price: The filter element is recommended to be replaced in 1 month. When I clean it myself, I will brew it with boiling water, and it may take about 2 months depending on the situation. The filter element is a consumable to be replaced, so if the purchase price of the filter element is too high, it will not be worthwhile. Since the filter element is not universal, it should be taken into consideration when choosing a water dispenser for dogs and cats.


Destruction and durability: If your cat/puppy is more lively and naughty, the drinking fountain must be resistant to construction. The most important thing is the anti-biting wire and the anti-tipping of the connection port. Secondly, for example, the sink can prevent cats, dogs and dogs from picking up and lifting the lid.


Height: If your cat is still a kitten or short-footed cat, the height of the water dispenser is also important. Cats that are too tall must lie on their front feet to drink water. Drinking water with your head up is a bit inconsistent with cats' drinking habits.