1. Placement: What we bought: The clean air volume of the air purifier, that is, how much air can be processed in a standard unit time (ie CADR value), that is, the airflow size, the general unit is m3/h, CADR value Generally match the area of ​​our room, so the air purifier can only be placed in the entire room to fully purify the indoor air, otherwise the purification effect will be greatly reduced.


2. Long-term power-on: Air purifiers are ineffective in a short period of time, but similar to large appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioners, they need to be turned on for a long time. In addition, the air purifier similar to the electrostatic resident needs to keep a distance from it when in use, and do not use electricity to disassemble the machine.


3. Washing water tank: The air purifier is a humidified air purifier. Compared with the application in northern China, the local air is relatively dry, so many people will give priority to buying humidified air purifiers. However, if the water tank of the machine is not cleaned in time, the filter screen will become moldy and produce an air purifier.


4. Clean the filter: The air purifier can help us purify the indoor air, and we also need to clean it in time. Wipe and remove dust from the air outlet, air inlet and filter of the purifier every half a month or a month, which can prolong the service life of the filter and greatly reduce the maintenance cost of the product.


Therefore, only the correct use of air purifiers can truly make our living environment better. In fact, the air is not buying an air purifier. It requires you and me to reduce emissions and protect the environment, which is the foundation of the environment.