There is a cat nest, but where is it better to put it in the room? The first few factors we have to consider are ventilation, warmth, quietness and so on.



The function of ventilation is to ensure the circulation of air and keep the cat nest dry and hygienic, because cats themselves are clean animals. In addition, try to place the cat nest on the downwind rather than upwind. Predators have always pursued the "stealth" effect, which will make the cat feel safer in the downwind. What needs to be reminded is that ventilation does not mean that the cat nest should be placed in the vent. Constantly accepting draughts can easily make the cat catch cold.

Keep warm because cats themselves like warm animals and like to take a nap in the warmest place in the house. How can it not be warm as a small space for cats to sleep and rest? If conditions permit, the location of the cat's nest is best to be able to reach the sun. In this way, not only to prevent the breeding of parasites in the cat nest, but also to prevent cats from developing skin diseases, you must know that the happiest thing for cats is to bask in the sun. They are willing to lazily lie in the sun and bathe all day.

A quiet environment is more conducive to the cat's rest. A noisy place will make cats feel that the information from the outside world is too rich, leading to mental stress. As a "hunter" in nature, cats will especially favor a quiet environment, because this enables them to learn about the disturbances in the outside world the first time.

Concealment is a cat's instinct. This is especially true for some timid cats. Do not place the cat nest in the most open position in the home, as this will make the cat feel insecure at all. In order to ensure the cat’s need for concealment, we recommend that you try to place the cat’s nest on a higher position, such as a bookcase. This also takes into account the more three-dimensional needs of the cat’s living space; in addition, you can also go to the cat nest There are a few boxes with holes on the road. Drilling holes is one of the cat’s greatest pleasures.