For the shit shovel officer, when he raised a cat for the first time, his most anticipated cat product might be a cat nest. After all, cat nest have many styles, and their shapes are particularly cute, which can fully satisfy the girls' hearts of all the young and old cats. . However, I am afraid that the cat nest is the one that disappoints the shit shoveler the most and the fastest. Of course, it's not that the cat nest is not good, but the cat litter is so cute that the cat turns a blind eye to it. But don’t think that the cat is deliberately against you. In fact, there is a reason why he doesn’t like the cat nest.

Cat nest may make cats feel restrained and depressed. I believe that many shit scavengers will choose semi-enclosed cat nest for the first time, because this kind of cat litter is really beautiful. But even if you choose the largest size, the semi-enclosed design will still make the cat feel depressed. And when the cat sleeps in the bed, he can still roll and play when he is asleep, and he can continue to sleep in a different position. Obviously, the small cat nest can't meet these needs of cats.



In addition, there is another thing that proves that cats do not like cat nest, they just don't like being restrained. An open cat nest looks like a small mattress without any closed design. Although this cat does not live very often, it is classified as "usable" by the cat, and will often go to sleep on it. The semi-enclosed cat has never been slept by the cat. So if you want to train cats to sleep in a cat nest, you might as well buy an open cat nestr and try it.

Secondly, the reason why cats don't like sleeping in a cat nest is just because they like to stay with their owners. Have you found that even if you have a bed in every room in your house, the bed the cat is most willing to sleep in happens to be the one that the owner often uses, and if you sleep in another room, the cat will definitely follow you to another room without leaving it. This is because cats do not simply like beds, but like being with their owners. Beds and sofas, which the owners often use, are more popular with cats.